Australian Strategic Policy Institute Report: Australia is Falling Behind, Now Last in National Investment

Australia is losing its quantum edge: ASPI

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+  Australia is falling behind in the global quantum technology race despite its history of leadership in the field, according to a new Australian Strategic Policy Institute report, which calls for a “step change” in policy settings and investment.

+ The policy recommendations include making quantum technology a key plank in a national technology strategy, a call for a new minister for critical and emerging technologies, and a new national quantum initiative involving states and the private sector.

A dedicated national quantum initiative could include training hubs and a quantum academy built out of the current Sydney Quantum Academy to provide training and education at all levels.


+  According to the APSI analysis, Australia is also suffering from a “quantum talent leak”, with several homegrown scientists setting up companies overseas or joining global giants.

+  “Without a strong quantum computing sector and without significant mechanisms to train and retain highly qualified personnel, the significant investment that Australia has made in such talent will be lost,” the report said.

+  It calls for a quantum offensive of political leadership, public/private collaboration and a $15 billion post-covid technology stimulus to resurrect Australia’s quantum ambitions.

+  Further policy recommendations in the report include a national quantum R&D initiative, a formal partnership with the US focusing on quantum technology in defence and national security, and reforms to migration and tax policy to lure Australian quantum talent home and attract foreign experts and investment.

Source:  InnovationAus.  Joseph Brookes,  Australia is losing its quantum edge: ASPI…

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