IBM Q System One to Germany

IBM Q System One. Twenty quantum bits [qubits] and a nice form, without the laboratory.

IBM and Fraunhofer present Europe’s most powerful quantum computer

Arvind Krishna, IBM CEO and Dr. Reimund Neugebauer, President of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, today presented the most powerful quantum computer in Europe in the presence of Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel.

The first IBM Quantum System One, located outside an IBM research laboratory, was presented to the public in Ehningen near Stuttgart. It is now available to companies, research institutions and universities for upcoming projects and tasks. Quantum computing is currently one of the most interesting developments in Europe and worldwide. Through the partnership between IBM and Fraunhofer, the new system helps to expand know-how and expertise in the field of quantum technology and to create a community of experts in this emerging topic.

IBM quantum computers can already boast promising applications in a wide variety of industries and scientific fields. They are designed to solve the world’s most complex problems, where today’s supercomputers are reaching their limits and will never solve them. The capabilities of quantum computers – software and hardware – have the potential to play a central role in addressing major societal challenges such as sustainability, climate change and public health in the future.

Arvind Krishna, CEO and Chairman IBM: “I am very pleased about the launch of the IBM Quantum System One in Germany, the most powerful quantum computer in Europe. This is a turning point from which the German economy, industry and society will benefit greatly. Quantum computers promise to solve completely new categories of problems that are unattainable even for today’s most powerful conventional computers.”

Further information on this topic can be found here:

  • Background information on the construction of the new system, which was able to be implemented on time and successfully despite immense challenges due to the corona pandemic: Link
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