Not So Cuddly:  Huawei Making Plays to Steal Your Country’s Quantum Computing Talent

Informative piece with several tables of data. Not only has the Chinese Communist Party given the world the Wuhan Virus, the CCP desperately seeks your quantum computing talents.  Why not go for the source of your intellectual property vice the IP itself?  Recommend reading from the KrASIA link, below. Because Quantum is Coming. Qubit

Huawei enlists army of European talent for ‘battle’ with US

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+  Nikkei Asia looked at job postings on the company’s various recruitment sites and its official LinkedIn account, finding hundreds of positions across Europe and Canada related to artificial intelligence algorithms, autonomous vehicle engineering, software and computing infrastructure, chip development, and quantum computing—all areas that the US is also investing heavily in.

“These new, rising areas cannot rely solely on talents locally but also need international talent to stimulate Huawei’s tech advancement and make it competitive,” Chiu Shih-fang, a tech supply chain analyst at the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research, told Nikkei Asia. “Huawei used to donate or fund international universities’ research programs to attract young talents, but this measure is now facing headwinds due to potential geopolitical interference. Huawei has to look for other ways, such as massive direct hiring in multiple countries, to keep its diverse talent pool growing.”


+  In Munich, Huawei is recruiting several development teams for wireless chipsets and automotive chips—the German city is also home to luxury carmaker BMW. The Chinese company is betting big on cutting-edge automotive technologies. In addition to hiring many engineers in automotive and self-driving technology, it recently teamed up with Chinese carmaker Seres to build “intelligent” electric vehicles.

+ Huawei also has an optical and quantum computing lab in Munich. Quantum computing—which applies the principles of quantum mechanics to create computers more powerful than conventional supercomputers—is a key battleground for the world’s leading tech companies, including IBM, Intel, and Google.

+  “For Huawei, under such US pressure, the best way is to keep its research and development and innovative and leading research going, and to develop areas that the US has no strict restrictions,” Donnie Tang, a tech analyst with Nomura Securities, told Nikkei Asia. “This way Huawei could retain its talent base and could seek and wait for future opportunities. It’s better to fight for survival, and to keep breathing, rather than give up too soon.”

Source:  KrASIA (Nikkei Asia).  KrASIA (Nikkei Asia),  Huawei enlists army of European talent for ‘battle’ with US…

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