Are You a Quantum Citizen? Here’s What techUK Thinks About Quantum Citizenry

How we can become quantum citizens by focusing on digital skills

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+  techUK was delighted to be front and centre in the conversations taking place at the Quantum Computing Summit. Among the technical talk came a focus on the skillsets needed to be developed to implement and scale quantum computing in the UK. No country can become a quantum leader without attracting the best talent.

The panellists highlighted the need for a co-ordinated skills strategy. Importantly, they believe this strategy must not only be UK focused, but one that emphasises global collaboration. The idea of a ‘quantum citizen’ emerged – where people have the tools they need to truly benefit from quantum technologies.


Driving a diverse and inclusive workforce

+  Growing quantum computing talent can only be done by driving inclusion. In increasing diversity in tech, we can not only work towards the normative and societal good of equal representation in the sector, but also work towards ensuring an ethical and sustainable approach to the development and use of quantum technology. Ensuring that the pathways into STEM skills and reskilling are open, accessible, and sustainable will allow more people to be aware of the opportunities quantum computing brings.

+  Skills gaps across tech

+  The current skills gap in AI and data shows the work needed to upskill people in new and emerging technologies. Such technologies are creating requirements for specialist skills that the labour market is struggling to supply which has led to intensifying competition for talent. The UK Government recently launched its National AI Strategy where skills and talent are central to investing in the long-term needs of the AI ecosystem. Despite investment from Government, this gap remains significant and is growing. Future innovation strategies must outline ways to empower people with the skills they need for their quantum future. It may now be time for a quantum computing strategy so that the skills gaps of today do not widen in the future.

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