Closest We May Come to A Real-life Schrodinger’s Cat

Closest We May Come to A Real-life Schrodinger’s Cat.  
Quantum theory is difficult for virtually all of us to wrap our minds around.  The theory attempts to predict the behaviors of electrons, sub-atomic particles, photons, and overall, the tinniest known components.  “One of the key tenets underlying quantum theory is the idea that a particle can be in more than one place at any given time.  Oddly, when not interacting with the world around them, or having their positions specifically measured, quantum particles don’t have a specific location.  Instead, all that exists is a collection of probabilities of where the particle could be at any given time – a so-called superposition of states.  It is this phenomenon that leads to Schrödinger’s cat being both alive and dead.”  This and other quantum theory perplexities are discussed in this piece.

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