Basic Thoughts on Quantum Computing and Our Future

Basic Thoughts on Quantum Computing and Our Future.  
Though from the BusinessReport’s OPINION section, Louis Fourie authors an easy read regarding quantum computing.

“Computers have become an integral part of our lives.  There is rarely a day that we don’t experience the advantages of computing.  We use computers to assist us with numerous tasks, entertain us, connect us with people all over the world, and allow us to process large volumes of data to solve problems and manage complex systems.”

“Although some of today’s computer systems are very powerful, there are certain problems that current systems will never be able to solve.  Challenges above a certain complexity and scope require more computational power than is currently available with conventional computing.  To solve some of these complicated problems, we need computers where the computational power is able to scale exponentially as the system size grows.”

“Quantum computing could very much be the answer to solve the inconceivably difficult and complex problems of our world.”

It is well worth the world community to study and understand quantum mechanics and how to apply them to quantum computing for solving these computing challenges.  Because quantum is coming.

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