Quantum Photonics All On A Single Chip – Photon Source, Photon Processor, and Photon Detector

Quantum Photonics All On A Single Chip – Photon Source, Photon Processor, and Photon Detector

Pushing Quantum Photonics

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+  UC Santa Barbara engineer Galan Moody, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, has proposed a solution to overcome the poor efficiency and performance of existing quantum computing prototypes that use light to encode and process information.

In his project, “Heterogeneous III-V/Silicon Photonics for All-on-Chip: Linear Optical Quantum Computing,” Moody aims to create an optical quantum computing platform in which all of the essential components are integrated onto a single semiconductor chip.

+  “Integrated electronic circuits enabled revolutionary advancements in classical computing. Our goal is to create integrated photonic circuits that have the same impact on quantum computing,” said Moody, who joined UCSB’s College of Engineering this fall after spending six years at the National Institute of Standards and Technology as a postdoctoral fellow and research scientist. “This could lead to a dramatic improvement in efficiency and processing speed and enable entirely new methods of processing and transmitting information using light.”

“Ultimately, we want to better understand and leverage any advantages that quantum mechanics can provide for computing and networking.”

+  In order to develop an all-electrical, all-on-chip quantum photonic platform, Moody proposes to integrate three technologies that have been developed for different platforms and applications. The components are electrically driven quantum dot single-photon sources, silicon-based photonics for optical operations, and superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors. 

Source:  UC Santa Barbara.  Andrew Masuda,  Pushing Quantum Photonics…

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