Bavaria’s LRZ Quantum Integration Centre (QIC) Takes Aboard Atos’ QLM

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Atos supports the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre in pioneering quantum-accelerated computing with the Atos QLM

Atos […] announced that it has delivered its Atos Quantum Learning Machine (Atos QLM), the world’s highest-performing commercially available quantum simulator, to the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ), of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities. The Atos QLM is installed in the recently opened LRZ Quantum Integration Centre (QIC), Bavaria’s preeminent computing facility. The center was designed to bring practical quantum applications to the scientific community by advancing the convergence of quantum computing and supercomputing.

The LRZ is among the first computing centers worldwide to focus on the integration of quantum computing in an HPC environment with its Quantum Integration Centre. The hybrid quantum-HPC approach shows significant promises in effectively using today’s classical computers to harness the power of near-term quantum applications. Leveraging both the Atos QLM and its collaboration with key players like Atos, the Finnish-German startup IQM and other partners, LRZ will be able to make quantum technologies available to more users. By taking advantage of existing HPC infrastructures, this initiative will allow them to explore and capture the opportunities made possible by quantum computing within a couple of years.

“At the LRZ, we are a partner for digitalization in science. We are expanding our portfolio by integrating services for quantum computing. This way we enable world-class researchers to find new approaches to solving grand-challenge scientific problems. However, we are only at the beginning with this technology. At the LRZ Quantum Integration Centre, scientists will be able to learn how to use it and prepare themselves for the future of quantum computing. The collaboration with Atos and the use of the Atos Quantum Learning Machine are an essential building block in our Quantum Computing strategy,” explained Prof. Dieter Kranzlmüller, Chairman of the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre.

“LRZ and Atos share a very pragmatic approach to quantum computing that focuses on quantum-accelerated HPC, with the aim of delivering early strategic benefits to users before we fully enter the post-quantum era. The Atos QLM is a direct extension of this approach and we are honored to be one of the first hardware partners of the LRZ Quantum Integration Centre. It is a fantastic project and marks the significant contribution made by LRZ to the quantum computing community,” said Elie Girard, Atos CEO.

The LRZ Quantum Integration Centre supports the Munich Quantum Valley, a central element of the Bavarian quantum initiative to drive quantum computing forward at a national and international level.  The partnership between Atos and LRZ is a testament to the ambition of the Bavarian authorities to become an internationally competitive quantum location by incorporating international, leading-edge knowledge, skills and technologies. Subject to the approval of the state parliament, the Free State of Bavaria committed to providing a total of 300 million euros.

Source:  Atos.  Marion Delmas,  Atos supports the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre in pioneering quantum-accelerated computing with the Atos QLM…

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