Though Difficult and Esoteric, QuTech Creates Time Crystals via Quantum Simulation

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Interesting science through the use of quantum simulations. However, the ‘so what?’ is not apparent.  So now what?  Read it from the source at the link, below. Because Quantum Is Coming. Qubit

Time Crystal Created Inside A Quantum Computer

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+  Back in 2012, the Nobel prize-winning physicist Frank Wilczek and his colleague Al Shapere struck on an interesting idea when contemplating this phenomenon. They reasoned that the laws of physics are symmetrical in time as well as in space, so this kind of behaviour should not be confined to spatial dimensions alone. Similar periodic structures, they decided, ought to appear in time as well. They called these structures time crystals.

The interaction works like this: each ion spins in a particular direction which can be reversed by zapping it with a laser. When this happens, the change in spin causes the spin of the next ion to flip followed by the next and so on, in a chain reaction. Indeed, the chain can be made to oscillate at a rate that depends on how often it is zapped.


+  Now Joe Randall and Conor Bradley at the quantum computing start up QuTech in The Netherlands, with colleagues elsewhere, have found another, much more general way to create a time crystal. And the machine they have used to do it is a quantum computer.

+  Time crystals can be thought of as a form of quantum matter. But there are other forms out there too, such as topologically protected states that are useful in error correction.

+ These have proved difficult to create in other circumstances. But the same techniques used to simulate time crystals might allow these other exotic states to be created in quantum computers too. Where this might take us is anybody’s guess.

Source:  DISCOVER.  The Physics arXiv Blog,  Time Crystal Created Inside A Quantum Computer…

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