5G With Quantum Cryptography Coming to Indiana’s 5G Zone

Indiana 5G Zone Opens 5G Research and Commercialization Lab

AT&T 5G and multi-access edge technologies used for new innovations in manufacturing, agriculture, and public safety.


AT&T teamed with Purdue College of Engineering to create one of the first 5G research and development testbeds in the U.S. The lab opened today [December 17, 2020] with a virtual event and its first 5G demonstration.

Researchers will conduct a cybersecurity-focused demo over 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) using quantum cryptography, which takes the quantum properties of photons rather than computer code to provide a highly secure method for sending information. The demo is expected to show how communications can be encoded and securely sent across commercial networks. These solutions can be used by financial institutions, law firms, government agencies and others.

The testbed, located in the Indiana 5G Zone, is home to AT&T’s 5G mmWave and multi-access edge computing (MEC) technologies. The MEC combined with 5G will power near real-time data collection and analysis to advance state-of-the-art technology development.

The Indiana 5G Zone will drive innovation through projects with a commercial focus. The lab is expected to attract a diverse group of entrepreneurs across a broad range of technology companies, universities, government and other research facilities to develop 5G use cases outside of smartphones. AT&T will continue its collaboration to help develop and launch new applications to advance 5G networks.

“We are proud to collaborate with Purdue College of Engineering and Indiana 5G Zone. Some of the world’s greatest innovations come through collaborations with world class universities,” said Bill Soards, president, AT&T Indiana. “5G is revolutionizing the way in which we interact with our physical environment, by connecting people, devices and experiences.”

AT&T brings together the power of our network – our employees, our technology and organizations – to collaborate with universities and industry to enable a future where vision and discoveries collide.

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