Quantum Technology and Batteries: Is This the First Significant Impact of Quantum Sensors Commercially?


Quantum Sensors Improve Battery Performance

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+  Can quantum technology improve the performance of batteries? The answer is yes. A project led by researchers at the University of Sussex is using a quantum-based sensor to measure battery behavior, with the expectation that the resulting data can be used to improve battery technology.

The big challenge at the moment is focused on raising the capacity of the batteries. “Technology-wise the sensors are not just sensitive to magnetic fields from the battery, but from all ferromagnetic substances. Much of the work we carry out is in the design of the sensors, and looking at how we can shield them from external magnetic sources. We have to think about how the system will be able to filter out the magnetic fields generated by the car’s electric motor, or quick changes in magnetic fields as around a tonne of metal passes the sensor each time a car passes in the other direction. A full supply chain for all relevant components needs to be established. We’re well underway doing that through concurrent Industrial Strategy funding,” said Kruger.


+  In an interview with EE Times, Peter Kruger, research professor of experimental physics at the University of Sussex, highlighted how batteries seem to be the first big market for quantum battery sensors, as EVs require large battery packs with high storage capacity. “That would mean the first significant commercial impact of quantum sensors,” said Kruger.

Battery and quantum technology

+ New electric vehicle control systems, including regenerative braking systems, start & stop functionality, and the electric motors that drive the wheels, all require accurate measurement and control of electrical inputs to optimize performance and avoid catastrophic failure.

+ An essential part of these systems is the battery current measurement sensor, which measures the battery charge and discharge level and its state of health. There are several existing technologies to create a good current sensor for vehicle battery monitoring. 

+  At the same time, simulating the chemical structure of batteries using quantum computing makes it possible to apply these algorithms to reproduce the chemical composition inside a battery according to various criteria, such as weight reduction, maximum density, and cell assembly. This speeds up the industrialization of the battery pack itself.

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