Aliro Quantum Collaboration to Usher in Long-Range Entanglement as a Service (EaaS)

Aliro Joins the Center for Quantum Networks (CQN) Industry Advisory Board to Lay the Foundations for a Commercially-Available Quantum Internet

Aliro Quantum, the leading quantum networking company, announces today that it has joined the Center for Quantum Networks (CQN) Industry Advisory Board. Aliro will help guide CQN on its mission to build the first long-range quantum network enabled by quantum repeaters, making Entanglement as a Service—the fundamental building block for a 100% secure network—a reality for government and business use. CQN, centered at the University of Arizona, was founded in 2020 with a $26 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Aliro Quantum Small“The Center for Quantum Networks is at the forefront of establishing national leadership in quantum networking technology,” said Jim Ricotta, Aliro CEO. “Aliro will provide valuable industry perspective to support CQN’s groundbreaking work. I’ve led companies into nascent networking markets before, and the signs are unmistakable: The quantum internet will spur a new remarkable computing revolution.”

CQN will develop the first quantum network enabling fully error-corrected quantum connectivity at 10 M qubits/s over 100-km simultaneously between multiple user groups, enabled by quantum repeaters. Prineha Narang, Professor at Harvard and Aliro CTO, serves as a Thrust Co-Lead at CQN, with a focus on quantum materials, devices, and fundamentals.

“The Quantum Internet will surpass the capabilities of today’s internet because of the unique applications afforded by distributed entanglement,” said Saikat Guha, Director, CQN.

CQN was founded in 2020 as an NSF Engineering Research Center (ERC). The NSF ERC program supports convergent research, education, and technology translation at U.S. universities that will lead to strong societal impacts.

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About Aliro Quantum

Aliro Quantum is a quantum networking platform company that spun out of NarangLab at Harvard University. Aliro is leading the charge on quantum network market creation by offering the foundational technologies needed for organizations around the world to build powerful quantum systems. An Air Force Research grant recipient, Aliro is designing quantum network simulation and emulation tools while partnering with national labs and hardware vendors including Air Force Research Labs, IBM Q Network, Rigetti, Honeywell Quantum Solutions, and Hyperion Research to make scalable quantum computing accessible. To learn more, visit

About Center for Quantum Networks

The Center for Quantum Networks (CQN) is taking on one of the great engineering challenges of the 21st century: to lay the technical and social foundations of the quantum internet. CQN will lay the foundations for a socially responsible quantum internet which will spur new technology industries and a competitive marketplace of quantum service providers and application developers. CQN aims to develop a quantum network enabling error-corrected quantum connectivity at mega qubits per second over metropolitan-scale distances, simultaneously for multiple user pairs, supported on a network backbone of quantum repeaters and switches. To learn more, visit

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