Cooling It Down, Moving It Forward, Oxford Instruments NanoScience Announces ‘Significant Win’

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Oxford Instruments NanoScience Gains Momentum in Quantum Computing

Oxford Instruments NanoScience is today announcing its latest innovation in Cryofree® dilution refrigerator technology for quantum computing scale-up, the ProteoxLX, as well as a new quantum computing customer collaboration in Asia.

Optimised for quantum computing, the ProteoxLX is part of Oxford Instruments family of next generation dilution refrigerators which all share the same modular layout to provide cross-compatibility and added flexibility for cryogenic installations. The LX system can maximise qubit counts with its large sample space and ample coaxial wiring capacity, low vibration features for reduced noise and support of long qubit coherence times, and full integration of signal conditioning components.

NanoScience is committed to driving leadership and innovation to support the development and commercialisation of quantum computing around the world,” states Stuart Woods, Managing Director of Oxford Instruments NanoScience. “And today’s announcement is testament to this — the momentum that we’ve built over the past twelve months will bring the promise of quantum computing to major industries such as the pharmaceutical sector, bringing drugs to market, for instance, more quickly.”

Oxford Instruments NanoScience is also today announcing a significant win with Proteox selected by SpinQ Technology Ltd. in China. Since the launch of Proteox at APS Physics last year, Oxford Instruments has announced partnerships with the University of Glasgow as well as with Rigetti and Oxford Quantum Circuits, two leading quantum computing start-ups.

The LX also offers two fully customisable Secondary Inserts for an optimised layout of cold electronics and high-capacity input and output lines, fully compatible and interchangeable between the current (ProteoxMX or ProteoxLX) and future systems in the Proteox family.

Finally, the ProteoxLX offers the greatest cooling power with > 25 µW cooling power available at 20 mK, low base temperature at < 7 mK, and twin pulse tubes providing several watts of cooling capacity at 4 K.

You can find out more about ProteoxLX here.

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