Quantum Photonic Processor Sales Showing Life

Quix sells first quantum processor to Qontrol

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+  QuiX, which was founded by the photonics research groups of the University of Twente together with the existing LioniX spinoff company, is currently developing processors for quantum processing and simulation.

+  QuiX, a photonics spinoff company of the University of Twente, The Netherlands, has announced the first sale of its quantum photonic processor. The customer is Qontrol, based in Bristol, UK, a photonics research company.

Quantum photonic processors are the core of a quantum computer that works with light. In future, says, Quix, quantum computers will be used for data processing, “especially in problems that conventional super computers cannot deal with anymore”.


By using the LioniX technology platform TriPleX, QuiX can now build large-scale and fully reconfigurable photonic processors with low losses. These are transparent for all available light sources. In December, 2020, QuiX announced a quantumphotonic processor of “record size”, with 12 inputs and 12 outputs.

+  Qontrol develops control electronics and infrastructures for complex, massive, multichannel photonic integrated circuits. These PICs are used in telecom, but also in fundamental research. Qontrol’s components are already deployed in many research labs all over the world

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