Is Quantum Computing Too Distant to Prepare for Now?

This report keeps reality on the scope of quantum computing.  There is not a commercially viable quantum computing platform, yet.  There is a lot of hope and anticipation that a such a quantum computing system is just in the offing.  That offing is beginning to feel as though it is continuously 5 years off.   Worth the quick read at the link, below.  Because Quantum is Coming.  Qubit

It May Be Too Early to Prepare Your Data Center for Quantum Computing

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You can already try simulations of quantum computers and even take some early real quantum machines for a spin through cloud providers, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and IBM Cloud. They all have pilot quantum computing projects in various stages of progress.Grey Gray Data Ball

+ Does this mean that data center operators need to start making plans for rows of rack-mounted quantum computers in their facilities? That depends on which of the technologies currently under development take hold, Dr. Celia Merzbacher, executive director of the Quantum Economic Development Consortium, told Data Center Knowledge.

The fact that there are multiple radically different approaches to quantum computing under development, with no assurance that any will meet market success (let alone market dominance), speaks to quantum computing’s infancy. Merzbacher compares the situation to the early days of microprocessors, when there was a debate on whether computer chips should be made of silicon or germanium.


+  Quantum computing hasn’t reached a point where “everybody settled on a technology here, and so there still is uncertainty. It may be that the IBM approach is better for certain types of computing, and then the trapped-ion approaches [are] better for others.”

Will Quantum Computing Displace Classical Computing?  Whether quantum computing takes the form of cloud services, on-prem systems, or both, Merzbacher doesn’t believe that it will suck a lot of market share away from traditional, binary, silicon-based computers.

Before some fundamental questions are answered, it’s hard to predict what shape quantum computing will take at scale.

Source:  Data Center Knowledge.  Christine Hall,  It May Be Too Early to Prepare Your Data Center for Quantum Computing…

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