Is South Korea Set to be the Epicenter of the 5th Industrial Revolution?

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The 5th Industrial Revolution has Come

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+  The U.S. has already launched the “National Quantum Informatization Strategy” in 2018 and the UK “National Quantum Technology Program (UKNQT) Hub” to prepare faithfully for the next generation. Just over 30 years ago, the development of computer technology and the limited supply of IPV4 (Internet Protocol version 4) Internet connection nodes made the IoT world a reality with infinite access along with the development of IPV6 and 5G communication. As a result, it has brought about great changes in people’s daily lives as well as in the formation of value in all fields, such as politics, economy, industry, education, and distribution. In retrospect, the first industrial revolution was the invention of steam engines and electricity, the second industrial revolution was mass production using them, the third industrial revolution was the invention of computers, and the fourth industrial revolution was the realization of an information society using them. The invention and the use of objects have been developed alternately.

IBM is currently running a 65-qubit “Hummingbird processor” and says it will soon release a 127-qubit quantum computer called “Eagle.” Subsequently, IBM is working hard to develop quantum computers, heralding the development of the “”Osprey system,”” which increased the number of qubits to 433 in 2022, followed by the development of “”Condors”” that exceed the number of qubits 1121.


+  In view of this phenomenon, the 5th industrial revolution will be an invention of something again, and I am convinced that the advent of quantum computers is an invention that will lead to the 5th industrial revolution. The development of quantum technology will not only take a major step forward in science and technology, but will bring about innovative changes throughout the economy, industry, and national defense. Quantum technology, with the advent of quantum computers, will identify the scientific revolution that will change the world’s paradigm once again, as well as the creation and distribution routes of viruses such as incurable diseases and corona through gene and genome analysis and processed as big data. This will help us find the cause of a global disaster based on scientific evidence and prepare for it. Although Newtonian mechanics couldn’t be explained, quantum technology is a power that can reconstruct national hegemony as well as the rapid development of the weapons system that strengthens national defense thanks to the inexplicable detail of ultra-precision sensors.

+  There is overconfidence in the commercialization and potential level of quantum technology. However, in reality, there is not much of a ripple effect and an alternative to that would be more beneficial for the future of the country to preoccupy the technology by understanding and complementing its potential and ripple effect. There are leaders in the development of quantum technology, but no country has an absolute advantage yet.

+  Considering the research environment when Korea started developing semiconductors, although it started late, it is thought that the capabilities of the world’s strongest semiconductor myth can be fully demonstrated in the current quantum technology. This is especially true in the past history of South Korea, which was a latecomer to semiconductors, but then eventually became a powerhouse of semiconductors. Now, I hope that Korea will become the epicenter of the 5th industrial revolution by reflecting on the importance of quantum technology and computers and systematically and meticulously establishing the ripple effect and utilization strategies in each field.

Source:  Korea IT TIMES.  Cho Sung-kap,  The 5th Industrial Revolution has Come…

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