Danish Firm Commercializes Qubit Tuner, 100x Faster Tuning for Your Qubits

QDevil enables faster tuning of Qubits

It often takes a long time to tune qubits for optimal fidelity and function. Usually, the tuning is slow, since the needed ultra-stable voltage sources have long time constants. 

Danish company QDevil has introduced a new ultra-stable voltage source, the QDAC-II, enabling a 100 times faster tuning than previously possible and making several conventional instruments unnecessary. 

Along with several outstanding new features, the QDAC-II has overcome the challenge of both being able to do very fast qubit tuning and to remain stable over time once the qubits have been tuned. 

“The release of the QDAC-II voltage source comes after years of research and development. It is based on feedback and the needs from customers and existing users of our previous instruments. Our engineering team did an excellent job working on improving the product from its predecessor, making it much more versatile and powerful”, says Jonatan Kutchinsky, CEO and Co-founder of QDevil. 

In addition to providing 24 channels of ultra stable DC voltages, the QDAC-II has features making several conventional laboratory instruments redundant, including separate current amplifiers, multimeters, arbitrary waveform generators and pulse / signal generators. Joost van der Heiden, Scientist at QDevil explains: “At the moment we need a lot of different instruments for our experiments. Now we can just use one; the QDAC-II”. 

The new product is aimed for control of quantum devices, including gate electrodes and flux bias coils in qubits, thus being a very versatile instrument usable for many other purposes. 

Source:  QDevil.  Jonatan Kutchinsky,  QDevil enables faster tuning of Qubits…

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