Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

QuEra Joins Amazon’s Cloud for Public Access

Quantum computer startup QuEra, born from researchers at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said on Tuesday its computer is now accessible to the public through Amazon’s cloud quantum computer service Braket.

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Keeping It Real: Quantum Computing Has a Hype Problem

A decade and more ago, I [Sankar Das Sarma, author] was often asked when I thought a real quantum computer would be built…(It is interesting that I no longer face this question as quantum-computing hype has apparently convinced people that these systems already exist or are just around the corner).

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MIT Lincoln Laboratory Wins 2021 R&D Award for Free-Space Quantum Network Link Architecture

Nine technologies developed at MIT Lincoln Laboratory have been selected as R&D 100 Award winners for 2021. Since 1963, this awards program has recognized the 100 most significant technologies transitioned to use or introduced into the marketplace over the past year. The winners are selected by an independent panel of expert judges. R&D World, an online publication that serves research scientists and engineers worldwide, announces the awards.

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Physicists Demonstrate Exotic Superconductivity With Possible Implications for Quantum Computing

MIT physicists and colleagues have demonstrated an exotic form of superconductivity in a new material the team synthesized only about a year ago. Although predicted in the 1960s, until now this type of superconductivity has proven difficult to stabilize. Further, the scientists found that the same material can potentially be manipulated to exhibit yet another, equally exotic form of superconductivity.

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Creating Dynamic Symmetry in Quantum Systems

Physicists and engineers have long been interested in creating new forms of matter, those not typically found in nature. Such materials might find use someday in, for example, novel computer chips. Beyond applications, they also reveal elusive insights about the fundamental workings of the universe. Recent work at MIT both created and characterized new quantum systems demonstrating dynamical symmetry — particular kinds of behavior that repeat periodically, like a shape folded and reflected through time.

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