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Cybersecurity Coalition Launches to Boost Post-Quantum Cryptography Adoption

A coalition of prominent cybersecurity organizations, including IBM Quantum, Microsoft, MITRE, PQShield, SandboxAQ, and the University of Waterloo, has formed the PQC Coalition to accelerate the global adoption of post-quantum cryptography (PQC). This initiative aims to protect sensitive information from the potential vulnerabilities posed by quantum computing.

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China’s Quantum Leap

In this long read you’ll find answers to questions such as: What are the distinguishing features of quantum computing and what stage is development at currently? What strategies are employed by corporations and politicians – especially in China – to advance development? Who are the superstars on the research scene? What are they working on and where will there be practical application opportunities for quantum computing…?

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Microsoft to Bring IonQ Aria to the Azure Quantum Platform

IonQ (NYSE: IONQ), a leader in quantum computing, announced that it had signed an agreement with Microsoft to bring IonQ Aria to the Azure Quantum platform. The partnership will add IonQ Aria, the company’s latest quantum system, to the cloud platform which already features IonQ’s prior generation of systems among the lineup of available hardware.

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