Quantum Resistant

Quantum Computing Risk to Encryption (Cybersecurity)

Quantum computing is a new and emerging technology that threatens to break the encryption algorithms used in cybersecurity. Currently, the world’s most advanced computers are not capable of deciphering the mathematical algorithms used to protect sensitive data and communications. It could take thousands or even millions of years before the current technology breaks encrypted data.

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Quantum Xchange and Thales Collaborate to Secure Networks Against the Quantum Apocalypse

Quantum Xchange, delivering the future of encryption with its leading-edge key distribution platform has collaborated with Thales to offer immediate quantum-safe and crypto-agile key delivery capabilities. The resulting quantum-resistant network solution enables end-users to future-proof the security of their data and communications networks; overcome the vulnerabilities of present-day encryption techniques, e.g., keys and data traveling together; and protect against man-in-the-middle, harvesting, and future quantum attacks.

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