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The Winner of Quantum Computing Race Could Define the Way We Live and Work

The US is increasingly anxious about China’s prowess in quantum computing. It’s easy to see why. The nation that’s able to lead the field could redefine the way we live and work, taking computers’ problem-solving ability to another level. Quantum computing will influence everything from the fight against disease, to data security and the distribution of goods – and things we can’t even imagine today.

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Archer Materials Validates & Demonstrates Qubit Coherence at Room Temperature, in Non-Vacuum Environment

For the first time, Archer Materials validated that the qubits’ quantum coherence properties‡ are preserved under an inert atmosphere. Quantum coherence is the fundamental requirement for quantum logic operations that are the basis of any quantum computing qubit processor hardware. For potential integration and use of qubit materials in practical chip devices, it is significant to demonstrate and validate qubit robustness at room temperature and under atmospheric environments other than that of air or vacuum.

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