Quantum Open Source Foundation Tracking Open Source Q Computing Projects

Quantum Open Source Foundation Tracking Open Source Quantum Computing Projects.  
The Quantum Open Source Foundation, or QOSF, is a new organization dedicated to “expand the role of open source software in quantum computing and improve the standardization and quality.”  Having several members on staff with much open source software engineering experience, the team looks to:

+ “Foster collaboration between the quantum hardware and software developer communities”;

+ Provide a forum for physicists, software developers, quantum hardware providers and other parties to discuss challenges related to open source quantum software engineering;

+ “Convey the fundamental concepts of quantum computing and quantum software engineering to the general public.”

This past week the group released a well-documented and comprehensive study on current open source quantum software projects.  Having reviewed over 20 projects, the report breaks out and compares features such as the type of quantum computing model, which project includes quantum algorithms, incorporates quantum circuits, has a quantum simulator, a quantum processing unit backend or is compatible with a “full-stack.” 

For open source quantum computing, part of the conclusion stated numerous deficiencies in current quantum open source community products.  In sum:

+ “Most projects lacked good documentation”

+ “Decision and design processes have largely been found to be conducted internally”

+ Response times varied between open source developer groups when seeking resolution to issues

+ Lack of standardization (multiple developers have competing software platforms)

+ Lack of stand-alone quantum compilers (i.e. most are proprietary or closed-source)

Well worth further study, the “Open source software in quantum computing” document contains a wealth of additional information.  It highlights just how far and how fast quantum computing has come in the past several years.  Though a quantum computer is still largely unavailable for producing “dramatic” results, the community bears watching, and joining.  Because quantum is coming.  Qubit.

A wealth of quantum open-source and quantum computing information may be found at QOSF.org…

The open source report is found here, in PDF…

“Heat map of documentation analysis results. The heatmap shows the evaluation results for source code documentation, README files, changelogs, user documentation and tutorials on a scale from 1 (bad) to 5 (good).  The evaluation rubric used for scoring can be found in [the document].  Data was obtained in August 2018.”  Courtesy of the Quantum Open Source Foundation. Select image to be taken to the original PDF…


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