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T-Systems Boosts Quantum Computing with AQT Collaboration

T-Systems Quantum Cloud customers now have access to AQT’s quantum computers, forming a partnership to strengthen Europe’s standing in ion trap-based quantum computing. AQT, based in Innsbruck and a prominent European player in this field, brings its quantum computers to T-Systems’ clients after successful integration tests.

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Is Groq the Cybersecurity Technology Building a Bridge to Quantum Speeds, Now? 

The United States Army has released a validation report confirming that Entanglement AI’s cybersecurity solution on Groq technology – specifically a GroqNode™ – and simultaneously using quantum and classical algorithms for anomaly detection, is running the world’s fastest Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization (“QUBO”) Solver, noted in the report as “dramatically faster and more accurate… – with far fewer false positives – than any known technology.”

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