Collaborative Effort by LTIMindtree, Quantum Xchange & Fortinet Yields Advanced Quantum-Safe VPN

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LTIMindtree, a global tech company, introduced a Quantum-Safe Virtual Private Network (VPN) at its London site, enhancing data protection against potential decryption threats. This VPN applies Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC), utilizing quantum-based key generation and secure key delivery methods that align with NIST standards for data security.

Developed in partnership with Quantum Xchange and Fortinet, the platform integrates quantum hardware and software from Quantum Xchange for key management, while Fortinet’s FortiGate firewall ensures VPN functionality. LTIMindtree oversees implementation and operation of the platform across the network.

The Quantum-Safe VPN serves as a testbed, fostering industry-specific solutions and enabling customers to co-create prototypes using advanced infrastructure. Clients gain the chance to experiment with quantum-safe tech across sectors and scenarios.

By implementing quantum-safe solutions now, LTIMindtree ensures formidable data security for itself and its clients, shielding sensitive information from present and future quantum threats. The company also offers guidance to customers, preparing them for the quantum era. 

LTIMindtree’s cyber-security offerings:

Overview: Quantum-Safe Cyber Security: LTIMindtree’s security solutions address vulnerabilities introduced by quantum computing. Their VPN, based on post-quantum cryptography, detects network weaknesses and fortifies network security.

Quantum-Safeguard Discovery and Assessment (QSDA): The service evaluates organizations’ susceptibility to quantum threats, identifies cryptographic weaknesses, and formulates secure migration plans.

Quantum-Safe VPN: This VPN guarantees data security against quantum technology. It utilizes advanced quantum random number generators, NIST-approved cryptographic algorithms, and a separate secure control channel for key exchanges during data transmission.

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