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Grenoble-Based Tiempo Secure Key in €10M French Project for Quantum-Resistant Security Chip

Tiempo Secure has been chosen to participate in the µPQRS (Post Quantum, Secure, Resilient, and Sovereign Security Microprocessor) project, backed by the French State. This project is a response to the growing cybersecurity challenges in Europe, aligning with the Cyber Resilience Act of the European Union, which aims to enhance security standards in digital products. Tiempo Secure’s expertise and knowledge have been instrumental in developing solutions to address the critical issue of strategic sovereignty.

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Quantum-Communication Testbed Deploys Across 3 Cities in Quebec, Over $10M Invested

Montreal, October 23, 2023 – Numana, the catalyst for Quebec’s growing technology ecosystem, today announces the launch of a multi-purpose testbed for quantum-safe communications in Quebec. The project has two objectives. The first being to provide the necessary infrastructure to test emerging quantum-communications technologies. Secondly, this testbed could become one of the cornerstones of a future nationwide quantum communication network, as outlined in Canada’s National Quantum Strategy.

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Cybersecurity Coalition Launches to Boost Post-Quantum Cryptography Adoption

A coalition of prominent cybersecurity organizations, including IBM Quantum, Microsoft, MITRE, PQShield, SandboxAQ, and the University of Waterloo, has formed the PQC Coalition to accelerate the global adoption of post-quantum cryptography (PQC). This initiative aims to protect sensitive information from the potential vulnerabilities posed by quantum computing.

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QuickLogic and Xiphera Partner for Quantum-Resistant Data Protection

QuickLogic Corporation and Xiphera have teamed up to enhance data security with post-quantum cryptography (PQC) solutions. QuickLogic will incorporate Xiphera’s xQlave™ quantum-secure cryptographic IP cores into its eFPGA architecture. As quantum computers pose a growing threat to data security, this partnership aims to bolster encryption against future quantum attacks.

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Protecting Your Organization’s Data Before Q-Day

Protecting your data, now, is the best course of action to avoid today’s data being decrypted by tomorrow’s quantum computers.  We call this eventuality, “Q-Day”.  The day when a quantum computer of sufficient capability can break encryption. 

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