QuSecure Empowers Partners with Quantum-Resilient Revenue Opportunities

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QuSecure™, Inc., has announced the launch of its global partner program, aimed at value-added resellers, systems integrators, solutions providers, and managed service providers. This program is a response to the increasing global demand for QuSecure’s post-quantum cryptographic solutions. To support this initiative, QuSecure has appointed Stuart Oliver as Vice President of Worldwide Partner Go-to-Market Programs.  

The QuSecure Partner Program expands the network of engaged partners to deliver the unique QuSecure quantum-resilient cryptographic solution to customers. The program offers training, sales and marketing support, and discounts to help partners develop new revenue streams in the emerging field of quantum resiliency.

Quantum computing is altering how organizations approach encryption, and QuSecure’s solutions offer cryptographic agility and quantum-resilient network protection. The program is designed to enable partners to help their clients prepare for the challenges posed by quantum computing.

QuSecure is the first U.S.-based company to offer generally available post-quantum cryptography software through its global channel ecosystem. Partners play a pivotal role in extending QuSecure’s global reach, helping organizations safeguard their data and systems from quantum threats.

The Partner Program is designed to help partners create new revenue opportunities and enhance profitability by offering value-added cyber resiliency services that complement QuSecure’s solutions. To learn more or join the program, visit https://www.qusecure.com/partners.

QuSecure’s QuProtect software equips organizations to combat cyber threats and prepare for the challenges posed by quantum computing. It delivers quantum-resilient cryptography across diverse platforms and devices, employing an end-to-end quantum-security-as-a-service approach to safeguard data at every stage of its lifecycle. Their QuProtect solution is designed to secure encrypted communications and data with quantum resiliency and serves a wide range of industries and government agencies. To learn more, you can visit their website at www.qusecure.com.


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