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Protecting Your Organization’s Data Before Q-Day

Protecting your data, now, is the best course of action to avoid today’s data being decrypted by tomorrow’s quantum computers.  We call this eventuality, “Q-Day”.  The day when a quantum computer of sufficient capability can break encryption. 

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Quantum Computing Risk to Encryption (Cybersecurity)

Quantum computing is a new and emerging technology that threatens to break the encryption algorithms used in cybersecurity. Currently, the world’s most advanced computers are not capable of deciphering the mathematical algorithms used to protect sensitive data and communications. It could take thousands or even millions of years before the current technology breaks encrypted data.

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Is Your Organization Quantum-Proof?

Quantum-proof encryption introduces a set of algorithms that ensures protection for organizations of any size. Unfortunately, the current decade-old public key cryptography technology that many organizations rely on today will be broken and will not be able to withstand the deployment of quantum computers in the near future.

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PQShield and Riscure Collaborate on Post-Quantum Cryptography Side Chanel Analysis Validation

Even when PQC algorithms are mathematically secure, they can potentially be broken by a class of exploits known as side-channel attacks.  These attacks exploit the algorithm implementation in hardware or software rather than the underlying mathematical problem itself and underline how important it is that any side-channel vulnerabilities are identified and addressed before solutions are widely rolled out.

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