Grenoble-Based Tiempo Secure Key in €10M French Project for Quantum-Resistant Security Chip

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Tiempo Secure has been chosen to participate in the µPQRS (Post Quantum, Secure, Resilient, and Sovereign Security Microprocessor) project, backed by the French State. The project is a response to the growing cybersecurity challenges in Europe, aligning with the Cyber Resilience Act of the European Union, which aims to enhance security standards in digital products. Tiempo Secure’s expertise and knowledge have been instrumental in developing solutions to address the critical issue of strategic sovereignty.

The µPQRS project focuses on creating an adaptable security chip based on the RISC-V architecture, comprising a low-power secure enclave and a high-performance microprocessor unit (MPU). 

This chip aims to cater to various secure applications such as banking, government, defense, and more, utilizing quantum-resistant cryptographic algorithms. 

The secure enclave will ensure ongoing security levels, while the MPU manages applications and the execution environment. Additionally, an embedded field programmable gate array (eFPGA) will enable future cryptography standard adaptations.

With a budget of €10 million, the project is financially supported by the French Public Investment Bank and involves French stakeholders, reinforcing technology safeguarding for critical French civil and defense applications. 

Tiempo Secure’s involvement in the project reaffirms its dedication to French sovereignty initiatives and its commitment to advancing architecture design for more reliable and high-performance secure solutions.

The consortium includes several entities specializing in different aspects crucial for the project’s success, including data encryption, eFPGA, cybersecurity, and mathematics and computer science research. 

Tiempo Secure, situated in the high-tech ecosystem near Grenoble, plays a pivotal role as a leading DeepTech cybersecurity player, focusing on IP solutions for various embedded security systems.

For further details, visit or contact Daphne Bouget, Senior International Marcom Manager, at [email protected] or +33 7 89 64 77 13.


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