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Post-Quantum Joins NIST’s Quantum Migration Project to Enhance Cybersecurity

Post-Quantum has been selected to join the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) Quantum Migration Project. This project will help transition from current public-key cryptographic algorithms to quantum-safe alternatives, addressing the urgent need to protect data from “Harvest Now, Decrypt Later” attacks. In these attacks, encrypted data is stolen now and decrypted later when quantum computers become available.

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Quantum.Tech USA 2024: Shaping the Future of Quantum Technology

Washington D.C. is set to host the most anticipated event in the quantum technology sphere: Quantum.Tech USA on April 25-26. This pivotal conference, held for the first time in the nation’s capital, promises to be a gathering of the brightest minds in quantum technology, drawing experts from government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and global enterprises.

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Grenoble-Based Tiempo Secure Key in €10M French Project for Quantum-Resistant Security Chip

Tiempo Secure has been chosen to participate in the µPQRS (Post Quantum, Secure, Resilient, and Sovereign Security Microprocessor) project, backed by the French State. This project is a response to the growing cybersecurity challenges in Europe, aligning with the Cyber Resilience Act of the European Union, which aims to enhance security standards in digital products. Tiempo Secure’s expertise and knowledge have been instrumental in developing solutions to address the critical issue of strategic sovereignty.

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Protecting Your Organization’s Data Before Q-Day

Protecting your data, now, is the best course of action to avoid today’s data being decrypted by tomorrow’s quantum computers.  We call this eventuality, “Q-Day”.  The day when a quantum computer of sufficient capability can break encryption. 

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Quantum Technology and the Global Space Ecosystem 

Although quantum technologies are still in the early stages, exciting work is happening in Europe, where quantum tech provides secure communications on the ground. Groups led by the European Commission will extend them into space to develop complementary networks of distant nodes.

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Is Quantum Security The Next Guy’s Problem?

The quantum threat is existential, not just an impact to the bottom line and insurance paperwork. We have quantum security tools available today, but even those are insufficient against a state-level attack, just like airbags are meaningless against a hellfire missile shot from a predator drone.

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