Atos Launches myQLM to Democratize Quantum Programming

Atos Launches myQLM to Democratize Quantum Programming

PARIS, May 16, 2019 — At the occasion of the 4th Atos Technology Days co-located with VivaTech, Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, today announces myQLM, a new program providing researchers, students and developers quantum programming tools for free, in order to democratize access to quantum simulation and encourage innovation in quantum computing. Eighteen months after disclosing the world’s highest-performing quantum simulator in the world – the Atos Quantum Learning Machine, capable of simulating up to 41 quantum bits (Qubits) – Atos continues to innovate in the field of quantum computing by allowing the Atos QLM user ecosystems to develop quantum algorithms autonomously.  Derived from the Atos QLM simulator, myQLM is a python (programming language) environment to develop and … READ MORE



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