Quantum Measurements, Filmed. Sorta.

Quantum Measurements, Filmed. Sorta.

For colleagues here in the office, the value in this piece is the understanding of what occurs when quantum measurements are made.  Because Quantum is Coming.  Qubit.

Scientists ‘film’ a quantum measurement

+  Measuring a quantum system causes it to change – one of the strange but fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics. Researchers at Stockholm University have now been able to demonstrate how this change happens. The results are published in the scientific journal Physical Review Letters.

+  The result of the experiment can be summarized in an animated GIF that shows what happens to the quantum state of the ion during that millionth of a second. The state can be visualized using a three-dimensional board. The heights of the bars indicate the degree of superposition of the possible quantum states. The film shows how during the measurement some of the superpositions are lost – and how this loss is gradual – while others are preserved as they should be in an ideal quantum measurement. Source: F. Pokorny et al., “Tracking the dynamics of an ideal quantum measurement”, Physical Review Letters 2020.

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Source:  Stockholm University.  Stockholm University,  Scientists ‘film’ a quantum measurement…

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