Albert is Now a Quantum Matter System on the Cloud Ready for Ultracold Matter Experimentation

ColdQuanta Announces Quantum Matter on the Cloud

Allows users to create their own quantum matter and run experiments at near zero temperatures.

ColdQuanta, the quantum atomics company, today [October 20, 2020] announced “Albert,” its quantum matter system on the cloud. With Albert, users can explore fundamental quantum phenomena such as tunneling and superposition by generating, manipulating, and experimenting with ultracold matter. ColdQuanta has provided similar technology for the Cold Atom Laboratory on the International Space Station. This technology can also underlie a broad range of new quantum technologies for computing, timekeeping, navigation, radiofrequency sensing, signal processing, and communications.

Albert lets users cool atoms to near absolute zero, creating a state of matter where quantum-mechanical behavior comes into play on a large scale. Users can control, study, and even photograph the wavefunction of a quantum cloud of atoms. Albert provides an unprecedented opportunity to control and observe behavior such as matterwave interference, tunneling, and other uniquely quantum phenomena in an atomic ensemble they create.

An Early Access program, consisting of up to 100 users in the U.S. and Europe, will begin immediately. Those interested can request an account via the ColdQuanta website. On Thursday, October 22, ColdQuanta is hosting a webinar “Quantum Matter Systems at Work Today”, which will include a demo of Albert. Those interested can register here.

“In this time when many university labs are closed or only partially open, Albert provides a world-class, remotely accessible Atomic, Molecular, Optical (AMO) physics lab on the cloud,” said Dana Anderson, founder and CTO of ColdQuanta. “This will accelerate research, education, and practical understanding of quantum physics and ultracold matter, crucial for the development of many groundbreaking quantum technologies.”

Albert’s future capabilities will enable quantum-aided design for quantum sensors and signal processors. Such devices will be used for entirely new families of quantum products like Quantum Positioning Systems (QPS) or Quantum Signal Processing (QSP).

Bo Ewald, CEO of ColdQuanta, added, “Quantum technologies will provide an unprecedented level of performance, security, privacy, and computational speed to address the world’s most challenging technological problems. Enabling more people to get hands-on experience with quantum atomics through access to Albert will accelerate the learning curve of a new generation of quantum pioneers.”

Albert was developed in collaboration with the CUbit Quantum Initiative at the The University of Colorado, Boulder.

About ColdQuanta

ColdQuanta leads the market in commercializing quantum atomics, the next wave of the information age. The company’s Quantum Core™ technology is based on ultra-cold atoms cooled to a temperature of nearly absolute zero; lasers manipulate and control the atoms with extreme precision. ColdQuanta manufactures components, instruments, and turnkey systems that address a broad spectrum of applications: quantum computing, timekeeping, navigation, radiofrequency sensors, and quantum communications. ColdQuanta’s global customers include major commercial and defense companies; all branches of the U.S. Department of Defense; national labs operated by the Department of Energy, NASA, and NIST; and major universities. ColdQuanta is based in Boulder, CO, with offices in Madison, Wisconsin, and Oxford, UK. Learn more at

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