Feeling Unprepared for Quantum Computing Technology Implementation?

Feeling Unprepared for Quantum Computing Technology Implementation?  So are a lot of others.  Quick data points from SolarWinds points out nearly half of “tech pros” feel unprepared for quantum computing management.  Probably the same pros who have heard about quantum computing.   

Unprepared Feelings.  Extract:  When it comes to the idea of implementing or managing specific technologies, emerging tech is a pain point (despite how much mind share these buzzworthy technologies get in headlines). The top three technologies public sector tech pros feel unequipped to manage with their current skillsets are:

  • 1. Artificial intelligence (53 percent)
  • 2. Blockchain (52 percent)
  • 3. Quantum computing (49 percent)
  • A larger percentage of tech pros in Germany feel unequipped for quantum computing compared to their counterparts in North America and the United Kingdom.
  • There is a great opportunity for public sector tech pros to increase their knowledge of these technologies and to have productive conversations with agencies on the reality of implementation in the near future.

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