Automotive Industry Sees Billions in Quantum Computing

Automotive Industry Sees Billions in Quantum Computing.  VW and D-Wave, Bosch [parts] and Zapata Computing, Ford and NASA, Daimler and IBM (and Google) and the list is growing.  The automotive industry is partnering with the budding quantum computing industry all the while exploring first uses for these coming technical marvels.  From battery improvement to routing, to manufacturing optimization, many uses are being explored.  Qubit.

Excerpts and salient points:

Daimler working closely with partners IBM and Google, whose quantum machines can help… explore new active materials for a battery’s electrolyte or electrodes. Currently this resembles a painstaking process of trial and error where new compounds are tested before placing samples under a scanning electron microscope to check for problems including degradation.

Volkswagen is so convinced by the technology it has filed patents in the United States for three related applications… The CIO imagines creating an “air traffic control” for urban cars he’s calling quantum routing. Consultant Marcus Winkler believes pioneers such as VW Group will then be able to monetize their head start in this disruptive technology. The global head of Capgemini’s automotive practice argues that quantum algorithms developed by scientists such as VW’s Neukart and utilized by CIOs such as VW’s Hofmann could power everything from mobility services to predictive maintenance.

Ford is currently working with the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to examine how quantum computing can improve its business. One idea being explored is routing diesel delivery vehicles in such a way as to reduce harmful pollutants by ensuring their drive cycles are operating within an optimal range. Another idea is improving productivity in its manufacturing plants.

Robert Bosch bought a stake in Harvard University spinoff Zapata Computing, which aims to be the leading developer of quantum algorithms. The world’s largest auto parts supplier estimates market demand for such specialized software could reach into the billions within 10 years.

Source: Automotive News Europe. Christiaan Hetzner, How VW, Bosch, Ford, Daimler aim to gain from quantum computing…

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