XANADU Joining Quantum Cloud Computing Offerings

XANADU Joining Quantum Cloud Computing Offerings

Xanadu Raises $32M Series A to Bring Photonic Quantum Computing to the Cloud

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+  Xanadu…has announced it has raised $32 million in Series A financing. OMERS Ventures led the round with participation from Georgian Partners, Radical Ventures, Real Ventures, Silicon Valley Bank and Tim Draper. The round brings Xanadu’s total investment to date to $41 million.

“Quantum computing has the potential to solve problems that we’ve previously only dreamed of solving,” said Seth Lloyd, Xanadu’s chief scientific advisor. “Xanadu’s quantum optical approach stands out among other quantum computing technologies. Christian and the team have made great progress to realize this approach—and this funding makes me even more excited about the future.”

Xanadu’s new cloud offering will also incorporate their two main software products: PennyLane, the industry-leading standard for quantum machine learning; and Strawberry Fields, the only full-stack platform for photonic quantum computing.

PennyLane lets users run quantum machine learning algorithms on any currently available quantum computing hardware—including devices from IBM, Google and Rigetti—in combination with popular machine learning tools like PyTorch and TensorFlow.

Strawberry Fields will provide the main access point for Xanadu’s unique photonic quantum computers, as well as a suite of special-purpose quantum simulators.

With these offerings, developers, customers, and scientific researchers can access the most cutting-edge computational tools to create new algorithms and design new products for solving real-world problems.

Source:  YAHOO! FINANCE.  Xanadu,  Xanadu Raises $32M Series A to Bring Photonic Quantum Computing to the Cloud…

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