Pitting Intel up Against AMD; How Far Has Quantum Computing Come?

Pitting Intel up Against AMD; How Far Has Quantum Computing Come?

The Qubit Report is not providing investment advice. We chose this piece as it highlights just how far into the business sector quantum computing has come. Effectively, quantum computing has gained substantial notice across the globe in the span of maybe 2 years. Invest at your own risk. Because Quantum is Coming. Qubit.

Quantum Computing Makes Intel Stock Interesting Again

In brief…

+  While Alphabet rightfully is taking the credit for this development, quantum computing has positive implications for the entire tech industry. Right now, a concept called Moore’s Law stymies semiconductors. Essentially, with traditional processing units, a semiconductor can only get so small before it becomes a physical impossibility.

Currently, both semiconductor firms are scheduled to release their third-quarter earnings reports in quick succession: Intel will release after the close of Oct. 24, while AMD will follow on Oct. 29. With fears associated with the almost always shaky U.S.-China trade war weighing on the technology sector, neither INTC stock nor AMD inspire the greatest of confidence.

+  Thanks to a successful test of quantum computing, though, the industry can potentially set aside Moore’s Law. However, the heavily resourced names like INTC stock are likely to enjoy the most benefits.

+  Although Intel has always outgunned AMD in terms of resources, it didn’t matter under the current paradigm. Because of Moore’s Law, massive investments into semiconductor tech have yielded declining returns. Plus, AMD’s smart strategies have allowed them to leapfrog bumbling Intel in certain areas.

+  But with the potential start of a new age of quantum computing, it made fundamentals great again. That’s because Intel has considerably more financial resources to plow into this and associated innovations. Keep in mind that Alphabet spent more than a decade developing their quantum computer.

Source:  msn.  Josh Enomoto,  Quantum Computing Makes Intel Stock Interesting Again…

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