Take a Peek Inside Google’s Quantum Computing Facility

Take a Peek Inside Google’s Quantum Computing Facility

To take the peek inside the facility, check out the source below.  Because Quantum is Coming.  Qubit.

Inside Google Goleta’s quantum computing lab

Selected notes ~

+  Last year, President Donald Trump signed legislation to spend $1.2 billion on quantum computing research and development. Military and defense companies like Lockheed Martin and Raytheon have also started creating and testing quantum computers, as well as other tech companies, like IBM. “This is 20, 30 years in the future. But you can see why governments are interested in it,” he says.

“Our chips need to be cooled down to around 50 millikelvin or colder, which is colder than deep space,” says Google research scientist Amit Vainsencher.

+  “With quantum supremacy, we were looking for any kind of problem that we could run on our chip, pit against a supercomputer, and kind of compare the levels of performance,” says Vainsencher.

+  In other words, even though the math problem itself wasn’t useful, the fact that it was able to do this calculation at all proves its capabilities.

+  “After six years of PhD, we kind of strung together a series of relatively high profile results,” says White. “We had just enough success to catch the eye of Google. And then they came along with the offer: ‘How would you like to keep doing this research, but you just work for us?’ And I was like, ‘All right, great!’ I personally feel like I won the academic lottery.”

Source:  KCRW.  Jonathan Bastian,  Inside Google Goleta’s quantum computing lab…

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