Quantum.Tech Digital Week 2020 to Drive Commercialization of Quantum Applications Forward

QT Digital Week 2020

Quantum.Tech Digital Week 2020 to Drive Commercialization of Quantum Applications Forward

Originally published on May 20th, The Qubit Report is re-running this press release to ensure widest dissemination.

With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic went the Quantum.Tech quantum computing ecosystem conference slated for this past Spring in London.  With some quick rearranging of timelines and venues, Alpha Events has pulled their resources together.  Pivoting to an online venue, the quantum computing conference will run from June 15-19, 2020 with start-up and vendor showcase starting June 12.  The Qubit Report has partnered with Quantum.Tech to help in furthering quantum computing’s transition from the laboratory and research facility to the commercial world.  See below for further details and links directly to the Quantum.Tech Digital Week 2020 pages.  Because Quantum is Coming.  Qubit

Quantum.Tech Digital Week 2020, 15-19 June | Online Event

Quantum.Tech Digital Week will be a “first of its kind” virtual event. The world’s first, and largest event bringing together industry, research institutions, government agencies, and investors whose primary goal is to drive forward the commercialisation of Quantum technologies.

The purpose of the Quantum.Tech Digital Week is to continue to drive forward the commercialisation of Quantum applications across industry, and to provide a global, annual meeting place for the Quantum ecosystem during these uncertain times.

Now, more than ever, is the time to pull Quantum out of the research lab, and onto the shop floor. Enterprises need to understand the current status of the Quantum landscape, explore potential applications, and benchmark against competitors in their market.

From June 15th – 19th, across a whole week (and 4 timezones!), you will be able to switch on your device and be in a room with all your Quantum colleagues from around the world.

You’ll be able to listen to inspiring Keynotes, vigorous panel debates, message with each other, ask questions to the world’s leading Quantum experts, learn about the most innovative Quantum start-ups, and set up one-to-one meetings with your colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Current status of Quantum computing
Evaluation of different architectures
Machine learning; optimisation; simulation
International perspectives and investment
Sensing & metrology applications
Communications & cryptography, across QKD, PQC and RNG
Preparing a Quantum ready organisation
Until it’s safe to meet face to face, join us for a week long online event with your quantum peers to continue networking, learning and advancing the commercial adoption of Quantum technologies.

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