Early-stage validation of quantum computing chip viability by Aussie small-cap

Early-stage validation of quantum computing chip viability by Aussie small-cap

Archer Materials Limited (“Archer”, ASX:AXE”) has announced Company has reached a significant technological milestone in progressing its 12CQ technology that aims to build a room-temperature quantum computing qubit processor. Archer is one of very few companies globally that provides investors a direct, on-market opportunity to invest in quantum computing technology.

Conductivity measurements on single qubit components were carried out by Archer staff using conductive atomic force microscopy that was configured using state-of-the-art instrumentation systems and housed in a semiconductor prototype foundry cleanroom (image attached).

Commenting on the Company’s 12CQ development, Archer CEO Dr Mohammad Choucair said: “We have successfully performed our first measurement on a single qubit component, which is the most important component, marking a significant period moving forward in the development of Archer’s 12CQ quantum computing chip technology.

“Building and operating the 12CQ chip requires measurements to be successfully performed at the very limits of what can be achieved technologically in the world today. Directly proving room-temperature conductivity of the 12CQ chip qubit component solidifies our global competitive advantage and advances our development towards a working chip prototype.”

First components of the 12CQ chip, which is smaller than the width of a human hair.

Image: First components of the 12CQ chip, which is smaller than the width of a human hair (Image Credit: Archer Materials)

The qubit conductivity and the associated underlying theories were proposed in 2016 by Archer CEO Dr Mohammad Choucair, in the seminal work underpinning the 12CQ technology published in the highly reputable peer-reviewed scientific journal Nature Communications. The measurements have now directly, unambiguously and reproducibly confirmed these proposals, that are major factors in determining the commercial viability of the 12CQ chip.

The measurements progress Archer’s technological development towards controlling quantum information residing on individual qubits – which is a key componentry requirement for a working quantum computing qubit processor; another being readout. Control must be performed prior to readout, as these subsequent steps represent a logical series in the 12CQ quantum computing chip function.

The 12CQ chip is a disruptive quantum computing technology, and in the current stage of development, maintains a competitive advantage that is extremely difficult to erode. Archer intends to develop the 12CQ chip to be directly sold and intellectual property rights to the chip technology licensed.

Commenting on the significance of the milestone, Archer CEO Dr Mohammad Choucair said: “The technological significance of the work is inherently tied to the commercial viability of the 12CQ technology. The room-temperature conductivity potentially enables direct access to the quantum information stored in the qubits by means of electrical current signals on-board portable devices, which require conducting materials to operate, for both control and readout.”

The Company’s technology development is a world-first and is currently focused on achieving quantum control of a single qubit, that is essential for quantum information processing. Archer is currently performing quantum measurements and materials characterisation at different laboratory facilities to achieve quantum control, and key measurements will be released to the market.

Source: Archer Materials, Ltd.  Mr. James Galvin (Communications Officer),  Early-stage validation of quantum computing chip viability by Aussie small-cap…

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