Amazon States Just A Couple Quantum Computing Predictions for 2021

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This is what Werner Vogels,’s Chief Technology Officer, had to say regarding quantum computing in the coming year. Yes, there is not that much said but there is a lot behind it all. Because Quantum is Coming. Qubit

Amazon’s Chief Technology Officer Shares His Predictions for 2021

Key points…

+  Software drives quantum computing advances. This year, made its quantum computing service Amazon Braket available to the public. 2021 will be the year the technology picks up, Mr. Vogels predicts, although the main driver won’t necessarily be hardware.

“In this world of quantum in the coming year, I think that we will definitely see a revolution in how software and support software is being built,” he said.

+  The better the software to build applications, the better idea customers will have on the specific applications they want to build and how to build them, he said.

Source:  The Wall Street Journal.  Tom Loftus,  Amazon’s Chief Technology Officer Shares His Predictions for 2021…

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