Arab World Looking to Quantum Computing to Keep Up with Cryptography and Biomedicine

Arab World Looking to Quantum Computing to Keep Up with Cryptography and Biomedicine.  Investing in research and development is only the tip of the iceberg.  A broader scope is being called for to keep from being left behind.

Arab World.  Extract:  …to get to the next level of computing we’ll need machines with thousands, if not millions, of qubits.  That is what the US, EU and Chinese initiatives are aiming for.  And that is why major universities — the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Caltech, Berkeley and others — are now offering courses and programs in quantum computing.  Likewise, big companies are already training their technical staff to be ready to use new quantum software and hardware as soon as it becomes available.

What should the Arab world do in this regard?  First, universities and research centers should develop strategies on quantum technology, teach quantum sciences and technologies (China is talking about quantum radars, which stealth planes/bombers cannot evade) and invest in research and development in all these fields/subfields.  We don’t want to wake up in 10 years and realize that all our computers, banks and military facilities are vulnerable.

Full article is found at ARAB NEWS…

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