Building the U.S. Quantum Infrastructure

Building the U.S. Quantum Infrastructure

Agencies, industry investing in quantum infrastructure

In brief…

+  The Department of Energy awarded $60.7 million in research funding across nine national laboratories, universities and non-profits to advance the development of quantum computing and networking.

+  Three projects were awarded $47 million to speed progress in quantum computing with research on the development of algorithms and software tools and techniques — including programming languages, compilers and debugging approaches — specifically designed for quantum computing.

Five other projects will address development of wide-area quantum networks, with the goal of greatly boosting the range of quantum-based communications. A full list of the funded projects can be found here.

+  DOE also announced it is accepting nominations to the National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee. That committee will provide advice and recommendations on quantum information science to the president, the secretary of Energy and the National Science and Technology Council’s Subcommittee on Quantum Information Science.

+  Quantum Xchange, a company that uses a technique based on quantum physics to help encrypt information, said it can now transmit quantum-generated encryption keys unlimited distances, making it easier for governments and businesses to securely transmit data. Its Phio technology is already in use carrying quantum cryptographic keys over fiber-optic cable connecting the financial district New York City to data centers in New Jersey.

+  In an interview with Forbes, Quantum Xchange CEO John Prisco said the company can now transmit keys over any distance and across standard telecom networks. It also has plans to create a much longer quantum key distribution network carrying signals between New York and Washington, D.C., by way of trusted nodes, positioned every 60 miles or so, to ensure the integrity of the encryption. These nodes receive the key before it degrades and generate a new key using the same random quantum number generator and then send the data on its way.

Source:  GCN.  Susan Miller,  Agencies, industry investing in quantum infrastructure…

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