The Netherlands: QuSoft and Capgemini Quantum Computing Algorithm Feasibility and Progression Into Apps to be Studied

The Netherlands: QuSoft and Capgemini Quantum Computing Algorithm Feasibility and Progression Into Apps to be Studied

New research group: Applied Quantum Computing

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+  In collaboration with Capgemini and the research institute QuSoft, the research will explore which quantum computing applications are feasible in the future and whether quantum algorithms and protocols developed within QuSoft can be further developed into applications.

The Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI) and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) are jointly establishing a new special professorship: Applied Quantum Computing. This research group makes a connection between fundamental research and practical issues.

+  Knowledge gained within the research group will also be used to develop educational resources. The AUAS has appointed Marten Teitsma as professor by special appointment to lead this research group.

+  Professor by special appointment, Marten Teitsma, will start at the AUAS on 1 September 2020. After earning a PhD in artificial intelligence, Teitsma expanded his activities towards education development. At the AUAS he has initiated various activities in the field of quantum computing. Teitsma: “With this special research group, Dutch higher professional education will be connected to a major global development. The consequences of quantum technology are not yet foreseeable, but will potentially affect our lives in many ways.” Universities of applied sciences, with their extensive knowledge in the field of education and experience in practice-based research, play an essential role in linking science and society to deliver advances in quantum technology.

Source:  Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.  Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences,  New research group: Applied Quantum Computing…

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