Singapore Sees Quantum Technologies as Key to Future Economics

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Building strong Singaporean core in deep tech to power future growth

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+  Artificial intelligence (AI), for instance, has the potential to help develop vaccines in record time, while quantum technologies may exponentially speed up computational time and enhance cryptography methods in cyber security.

+  “The Government will work with companies and the deep tech community to help Singaporeans plug into the international flow of ideas, while investing to grow our global talent and enhance industry competitiveness.

+  “This will be key to both our immediate recovery from Covid-19 and our long-term economic competitiveness,” Mr Iswaran said at a virtual talent showcase on job opportunities in the sector yesterday.

“Singapore hopes to build a strong core of local researchers and specialists in the area of deep tech, as it will be the engine to power future industry growth,” said Minister for Communications and Information S. Iswaran.”


+  “Our goal is to build a strong Singaporean core of researchers and technologists who possess not only the technical capabilities, but also the resolve to solve some of our greatest social and environmental problems of our times,” he said.

+  To this end, SGInnovate has partnered technical founders to commercialise deep tech research in domains such as quantum technology, medical technology and autonomous technology, he said.  Since November 2016, it has invested over $52 million in more than 80 start-ups.

Source:  Straits Times.  Yip Wai Yee,  Building strong Singaporean core in deep tech to power future growth…

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