Xi Jinping: Quantum Sci & Tech is of Scientific and Strategic Significance

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Now on Beijing’s wishlist: quantum technology

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+  Every one or two months, China’s Politburo, an elite group of China’s top 25 leaders, holds a “study session,” inviting external experts to lecture on topics ranging from archaeology to finance to legal systems. But on Oct. 16, they covered a somewhat novel topic: quantum technology.

But if qubits replace bits, all bets are off. China is not currently a global leader in quantum technology, as Xi acknowledged. But when the new races start, China may have a head start.

+  Chinese President Xi Jinping, who chaired the Oct. 16 session, said that “developing quantum science and technology is of great scientific and strategic significance,” state-run newspaper China Daily reported Monday.

+  Xi also said the central government should “speed up efforts to create a favorable policy environment for the development of quantum science and technology” and “ensure the investment in the field” to drive local governments and enterprises to “increase input,” according to state news agency Xinhua.

Source:  technode.  Wei Sheng,  Now on Beijing’s wishlist: quantum technology…

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