Australian’s Can Actually See Their Qubits

Australian’s Can Actually See Their Qubits

The University of New South Wales is keeping the world abreast of its quantum computing research excellence. Storing information using a single phosphorus electron, its quantum spin, is what researchers have accomplished — creating a quantum bit. This accomplishment, coupled with their success in delivering the lowest noise in a semiconductor and further success with extending the lifespan of electron-spin qubits up to 30 seconds, has positioned this group to “see” where the qubits are in their silicon chip among other per-cursors to a quantum computer which conducts complex calculations. The article discusses this and other aspects to the UNSW quantum computing efforts.

“An artist’s impression of two qubits — one made of two phosphorus atoms and one made of a single phosphorus atom — placed 16 nanometres apart in a silicon chip. UNSW scientists were able to control the interactions between the two qubits so the quantum spins of their electrons became correlated. When the spin of one electron is pointing up, the other points down.” Courtesy of University of New South Wales.

This report is found at EurekAlert!

The original report is found at the nature COMMUNICATIONS…

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