University of New South Wales Sydney Builds Ultra Fast Two-qubit Gate

University of New South Wales Sydney Builds Ultra Fast Two-qubit Gate

Speediest quantum operation yet

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  Australian scientists have linked together two electrons spins embedded in a silicon chip to form a two-qubit gate, the fundamental building block of a quantum computer.

“To make a universal quantum computer you want to make sure the errors are not accumulating,” she says. “So you surround the data qubits with ancillary qubits that you can entangle with them to probe what’s going on without disturbing the data qubit. “Error correction is a complex process, necessary for large-scale computers, and increases the numbers of physical qubits ultimately needed.”

+  The gate is 200 times faster than any other of its type, taking a mere 0.8 nanoseconds to complete an operation, and uses atom-based qubits that are known for their high accuracy and extremely low noise.

“The world’s first atomically engineered two-qubit gate. Credit: UNSW Sydney”
+  The speed of the gate comes from the close proximity of the two atoms, just 13 nanometres apart. At this small separation their interaction can be strong yet still tightly controlled. Although isolated, they were close enough to be pushed together by a voltage to enable information swapping.

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