India’s Quantum Project

India’s Quantum Project

Important to build expertise in quantum technologies: Dr Arvind

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What is the quantum computing project?

+  The Department of Science and Technology (DST) Govt of India launched a 300 crore networked program on Quantum Science and Technologies (QuST) this year which is aimed at providing an impetus to India’s research and development activities in this important and emergent research area. It is very important that India builds expertise and trained manpower in the broad area of quantum technologies and quantum computers.

IISER Mohali is organising an international conference on “Quantum Foundations, Technology and Applications QFTA2019” from October 18-21, 2019. The conference has around 150 participants and around 30 eminent scientists from India and abroad will deliver expert lectures on their research. The expert talks will focus on a broad spectrum of themes in quantum information processing, ranging from foundations of quantum mechanics, quantum entanglement and contextuality, quantum simulations and quantum algorithms, to physical implementations of quantum information processing protocols using various quantum technologies.

What role does IISER play in developing the technique?

+  IISER Mohali has one of the largest group of scientists working in this area in the country, including theoretical and experimental physicists. The quantum technologies being used by researchers at IISER Mohali to address these problems include NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance), optics and superconducting devices. IISER Mohali is the coordinating institute for one of the major themes (Photonics) of the project. I am on the National Drafting Committee of the initiative, where a national mission is being launched to develop this area of quantum science and technology.

Source:  The Indian EXPRESS.  Jagdeep Singh Deep,  Important to build expertise in quantum technologies: Dr Arvind…

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