The World’s “Highest Performing Quantum Computer”

The World’s “Highest Performing Quantum Computer”

It’s the world’s “highest performing quantum computer” and Honeywell built it.  Weighing in to the quantum computing race at a quantum volume of 64, Honeywell’s president of Honeywell Quantum Solutions, Tony Uttley, stated their system has the “highest quality qubits, with the lowest error rates.”

Quantum volume is a measure of a quantum computer’s developed by IBM Research; it takes into account the number of quantum bits (qubits), the error rates, and connectivity.  The higher the volume, the more powerful the quantum computer. 

What makes a quantum computer so powerful?  While classical computing is being accomplished using ones and zeros arriving at deterministic results, qubits arrive at probabilistic results with their values in a superposition of both one and zero until measured.  Ergo, quality qubits have the potential for exponential computing possibilities.

It is this power that governments, academics, and businesses are striving to harness.  Honeywell believes it’s trapped-ion quantum computer is the right path.  Having partnered with Zapata Computing, Cambridge Quantum Computing, and J.P. Morgan Chase early on, Honeywell intends to leverage Microsoft’s Azure Quantum to provide quantum cloud computing capabilities.  With these partners, Honeywell’s quantum computer is expected to calculate the previously incalculable. 


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