Should Quantum Randomness Generation Be on Your Scope?

Though this is just a short opinion piece, it may be worth your time. Random number generation has been an issue for decades. With quantum and the cloud, it may just be solved. Because Quantum is Coming. Qubit

Quantum computing: randomness as a service

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+  Last week, Cambridge Quantum Computing announced the first commercial, verifiable quantum random generation number service designed to run on an existing IBM quantum computer. Initially, the service will only be available to the 100 or so corporate and academic members of IBM’s Q network but it will be open to other users later this year. Its first applications are likely to be for cryptography, material science, computer games, insurance and options pricing.

+  Last week, IBM declared its ambitions to create a full-stack quantum computer accessible on the cloud by anyone around the world. It said it would unveil a 127-qubit computer next year, and would surpass 1,000 qubits in 2023. Roger McKinlay, challenge director for quantum technologies at UK Research and Innovation, says that for a long time quantum computer scientists have overwhelmingly focused on the technology but are now increasingly turning their minds to commercial applications.

+  For decades, quantum computing has been hailed as a miracle technology that reliably fails to materialise. It reminds some of the old joke about Brazil: quantum computing is the technology of the future and always will be. + We are still many years, if not decades, away from the widespread use of quantum computing. Further setbacks are inevitable. But it is finally time for mainstream companies to start paying close attention.

Source:  Financial Times.  John Thornhill,  Quantum computing: randomness as a service…

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